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Traders Toolbox™ Over Watch v1.3 Released

Traders Toolbox™ Overwatch v1.2

Overwatch is a Traders Toolbox Market Monitoring Tool, now you can see the overall signal of all your charts in the same place. Clicking on any of the chart buttons will bring that chart to focus. Strongest Chart is indicated at the top of the Panel. Download here: Metatrader 4 / Metatrader 5

Traders Toolbox™ Updates:

Traders Toolbox™ Screenshot

Version 10.740 (2023.03.08)

Stability Fixes

Version 10.739 (2023.03.04)

1. Position Limiting bugs fixed 
2. Default number of Swings Changed

Version 10.738 (2022.12.27)

Bug fixes & Enhancements

Version 10.737 (2022.11.24)

Bug Fix for: Array out of Range errors.

Version 10.736 (2022.08.12)

Small bug fix to Zigzag Level drawing

Version 10.735 (2022.07.29)

Small GUI Bug Fixes

Version 10.734 (2022.07.26)

New Features!! 

Pivot Points: 
1. Standard / Fibonacci Pivots – Now have extended levels. 
2. Demarker Pivots Mode – Newly Added 
3. Pivot Timeframes automatically move up to match selected Timeframe if pivot timeframe is below. 
4. Double clicking Pivots will quickly switch between pivot type (timeframe switching removed) 
5. Pivot Signal Improved 

1. Onscreen display – Now Independent of persistent timeframe settings. 
2. Number of Support / Resistance Levels Setting Added 
3. Double clicking Zigzag / Zigzag levels can toggle levels off quickly. 
4. Signal Panel info can be switched between zigzag statistics and price position by clicking on zigzag info. 

Channel Support / Resistance: 
1. Bollinger is default but can be switched out for: 
– Price Channels 
– Envelope Channel 
– Adaptive ADX Channel 
– Standard Deviation Channel 
– Donchian Channel 
– Silver Channel 
– Gallagher Channel 

Also note: 
– settings are set for Bollinger standard these will have to be adjusted according to channels (especially deviation and period) 
– The Following Indicators need to be available for the Channels: 

\Indicators\Examples\Donchian Channels.ex5 

Bug Fixes and Enhancements 

1. On Screen Display 
– On Screen display is now independent of static signal timeframes. 
– Zizag long term and reflection points fixed when static timeframes are set. 
– Fixed Fibonacci when independent of static timeframes. 

Multiple small bug fixes and EA Settings Improved

Version 10.733 (2022.07.12)

New Features: 
1. Stoploss / Take Profit Settings – Added Chandelier Multiplier input Variable. 
2. Money Management Settings – Added Minimum and Maximum Risk Reward Ratio Setting / Limitation 
3. Ticket Panels – Will display Possible Profit or Loss when the max Stop Price is 0… (unlimited on other End) 
4. Onscreen Indicators / Auto charting – is no longer tethered to the EA’s Timeframe but instead to the current chart timeframe… 

Bug Fixes: 
1. Fixed various graphical Interface and on-screen chart issues. 
2. Improved Stop checks…. 
3. Added some performance enhancements…

Version 10.732 (2022.06.30)

Bug Fix: Fixed bug where hiding the EA Settings Panel would flip the signal. 

Version 10.731 (2022.06.28)

Small Tweaks…

Version 10.730 (2022.06.27)

This Version has Major Performance Improvements and bug fixes… 
The Indicator data retrieval has been made more efficient… 

Upgrade Recommended! (Required) 

New Features Added 

1. Oscillators now have four Modes: 
a. Signal on All Zones (Default) 
b. Signal in Over bought/sold Zones only 
c. Revertion in Over bought/sold Zones only 
d. Continuation in Over bought/sold Zones only 
e. Hold in Over bought/sold Zones 

2. Indicator Parameters auto adjust when chart data is not sufficient for Indicator Parameter range. 
3. Added Insufficient Data notification to signal/indicator status information. 

Bug Fixes 
1. Fixed Bug where Manual Biasing was in-effective. 
2. Fixed Bug which prevented toggling between MFI/RSI Oscillators. 
3. Removed Out of Range Values returned by indicators/oscillators. 
4. Fixed overlapping Zigzag signal information when Pip range is large. 
5. Rewrote Oscillator logic to improve accuracy and performance. 
6. Fixed hanging on large time frame or timeframes with insufficient data 

Version 10.720 (2022.06.03)

New Features 

1. Account Block 
a. Added Asset Description above Sector and industry. 
b. If Industry or sector are undefined, they will not be displayed. 

2. EA / Active Positions Stops: 
a. Profit and Loss areas are now shaded. 
b. Settings added to change colour, brightness or turn the shading feature off. 

3. Added an additional stop setting option for No. Bars Back: 
a. Largest Bar – No. Bars Back. 
b. Extremium (Largest / Lowest) Price – No. of Bars Back.

Version 10.713 (2022.05.07)

Stability Fixes

Version 10.712 (2022.05.05)

1. Fixed bug preventing auto trading on demo accounts (MT4 Version) 
2. Improved Licencing error notifications

Version 10.711 (2022.04.12)

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

Version 10.711/10.710 (2022.04.12)

Stability Improvements: Bug Fixes and Enhancements (Upgrade Recommended)

Version 10.709 (2022.03.291)

1. Fixed News read from after calendar formatting changes by forex factory. 
2. Made required Changes for compatibility with latest Traders Toolbox™ Overwatch Utility 1.2 

Please Note: For forex factory news please tick and add the allowed websites to Metatrader’s Tools->Options->Expert Advisors->Allow Web Requests for Requested Url. ( and

Version 10.708 (2022.03.25)

Zero Divide bug fix for Data Transfer to Traders Toolbox™ Overwatch 

Get Overwatch here: 

Version 10.707 (2022.03.24)

New Feature 
Added Support for Traders Toolbox™ Overwatch – A Tool to monitor all instances and assets that Traders Toolbox™ is running on with their respective signals and timeframes. (Available soon to the an accessory) 

Version 10.706 (2022.02.06)

BugFixes and Improvements.

Recommended Brokers Here:

Version 10.705 (2022.02.06)

Money Optimisation 

1. Optimise Factor 
a. Factor changed from percentage to a multiplier. 
b. A Positive factor will decrease new position size by a factor of the consecutive losses multiplied by this factor (Negative=Martingale – increases position size) 

2. Settings renamed to reflect the above message 

Small Bug Fixes and optimisations. 

If you enjoy using Traders Toolbox Lite, please show your appreciation with a small donation. 

Recommended Links here:

Version 10.704 (2021.12.24)

Added Program Icon. 

Bug Fix 
Individual signal Timeframe bug fixed where changing timeframes of individual signals had no effect. 

Version 10.703 (2021.12.17)

MT5 Grouped Inputs Feature Update (New Feature) 
Inputs sections have been formatted with the new group settings feature that has been added recently to the MT5 Platform by its developers. 

Group Select – Single clicking on a group will select / deselect all inputs (settings) in that group. 
Group Hide – Double clicking a group will hide the settings within that group. 

MT4 does not support the groups feature so the only update to MT4 version is the formatting of inputs / settings to match MT5 version.

Version 10.702 (2021.12.15)


1. Candle Stick algorithm recognition improved. 
2. Heikenashi Auto biasing algorithm revised as relating to candle stick recognition. 
3. Overall responsive performance improvement. 
4. “Remove Zero Biased Signals” (General Settings) changed to “Remove Disabled Signals & Panels” as irrelevant or unnecessary panels will be removed in the tester and during optimisation to allow slightly faster performance 

Bug Fixes 
Drawdown protection bug fix, now calculates protection accurately.

Version 10.701 (2021.12.09)

New Setting / Feature 
Remove Zero Biased Signals (General Settings) – Turning this on when optimising individual signals will remove any signals that are not needed (biased at Zero) which should speed up the optimisation process. 

Bug Fix 
Normalisation of Autobias bug fix (This may affect previous optimisation results so optimisations may need to be rerun) 

Version 10.700 (2021.11.25)

1. Individual Invert Settings have been merged with individual Bias settings to allow for easier optimisation of entry signals and to allow for self learning Neural Networks in future versions. (Negative biases are indicated by negative biases) 

2. Small change to Autobias calculations allows for normalisation over previous capping system. 

3. Signal settings have been moved so that the related settings are in the same area. 

Please note: 
Following this update any previous optimisations will need to be re-run. 

(A Recommended Starting point is to optimise settings in the —-Primary Signal Biasing—— Section)

Version 10.631 (2021.11.11)

New Money Settings Added 
1. Profit Protection – Once Equity increased by stipulated percentage, if the equity drops all positions will be closed… 
2. Equity Noise Tolerance – Once equity falls from max this allowance will prevent closing of all positions within this drawdown threshold. 

Bug Fixes 
Fixed bug where action panel was overlapping ticket panel. (misaligned)

Version 10.630 (2021.10.25)

New Improved Action Panel for Manual Trading 

1. You can toggle between Market Orders and Pending Orders…Place a Pending Order by clicking the Market/Pending Button putting the price that you want to buy or sell at and then hit the buy sell or hedge button, the pending order will be placed with the stops strategies set in the settings. 

2. You now have more close order options… Close Profitable, Close Losing, Close Long (Buying), Close Short (Selling) and Close All. 

Bug Fix: 
Fixed action panel miss overlapping ticket panel….

Version 10.622 (2021.10.02)

Default Setting Changes: 

a. Oscillator Overbought bias default setting changed to 2x. 
b. Money drawdown protection turned off (0) 

Bug Fixes: 

Signal on Oscillators Overbought Zone Only, Setting fixed.

Version 10.621 (2021.09.27)

Fixed bug on new feature that reverts Traders Toolbox back to indicator on 00h00 refresh… 

NB: if the Daily refresh is on you will not be prompted to continue in autonomous modes.

Version 10.620 (2021.09.241)

Added Setting to Reload EA at 00h00 to prevent any Possible slow downs on long term usage and testing… 
2. Bug fixes and improvements

Version 10.619 (2021.07.22)

New Settings & Features  (Auto Trade)

1a. ADX Block Trades Mode – Allows you to block the opening of New Trades when above or below the stipulated threshold. 

1b. ADX Threshold – The above Stipulated threshold relating to primary Timeframe 

2. Force Close when Neutral (Hold) – Neutral signal is forced into a Close signal which closes current position. 

Version 10.618 (2021.06.30)

New Settings & Features 

1. Position Limiting Mode (Helps mitigate risk when Auto trading Mode is Open New or when multiple open positions allowed) 
a. Short Limit Count 
b. Long Limit Count 

2. Equity Drawdown Protection – Closes all positions after the maximum equity reached drops the stipulated percentage.

Version 10.617 (2021.06.22)

Bug Fixes And Improvements…

Version 10.616 (2021.05.17)

Bug Fixes 
Fixed Bug in Risk Equity Mode 
Fixed Display Bug related to risk equity mode on tickets. 

Version 10.615 (2021.05.15)

New Features: 
1. Added Risk to Reward Ratio to Ticket Panels 
2. Stop loss and Take Profit Risk Setting Now Match Money Risk Mode Setting. (Balance/Equity/Margin/Free Margin/Credit) 

Bug Fixes: 
a. Fixed Bug which wasn’t applying a TP when it should have been. 

Version 10.614 (2021.05.09)

1. Activation of Lite Version now possible with Product / Activation Key 
2. A Few Small fixes 

Version 10.613 (2021.05.05)

New Features Added: 

1.Trailing Stop Speed Setting – StopLoss / Take Profit Now has a Trailing speed setting / multiplier which will allow the Trail to either be slower or faster than the actual pips movement. 

2. Auto Hedge – Auto Trade setting added to hedge / straddle rather than open trades in signal direction on signal changes. 

Version 10.612 (2021.04.29)

1. Increased stack size to prevent stack overflows on some machines 
2. Volume when no stop loss is selected is determined by size of last swing if based on risk. 
3. Other small bug Fixes… 

Version 10.611 (2021.04.05)

Bug Fix for 32bit versions of MT5 where market times is not displayed correctly (Invalid)

Version 10.610 (2021.04.05)

Dynamic Scaling and interface tweaks…

Version 10.609 (2021.04.04)

1. Added Auto Panel / Font Scaling when windows font scaling is over 100% (usually on high resolution screens fixed overlaps) 
2. Added Market Closure Ignore setting under market schedule (disables checking of server / asset trading times) 
3 Ticket Panel Tooltips added 

Version 10.608 (2021.03.29)

1. Improved Money Optimisation Algorythm 
2. Fixed bug in Auto Invert algorithm 

Version 10.607 (2021.03.22)

Improvement / Bug fix: 
Market Opening and Closing Times Now more accurate (Trade Server Returns times) 
Slight Performance Enhancement 

Version 10.606 (2021.03.22)

Improvement / Bug fix: Market Opening and Closing Times Now more accurate (Trade Server Returns times) 

Version 10.605 (2021.03.18)

New Feature: Auto Invert Signal after X consecutive Losses (configurable in settings) 
Changes to Licensing File…

Version 10.604 (2021.03.17)

Small bug Fixes and improvements…

Version 10.602 (2021.03.15)

Added ability to change font and size for systems that don’t Support Tahoma, Suggested setting is Arial. 
(if your fonts are misaligned or popping out of the panels change this to Arial) 

Added Zigzag setting to allow changing of number of candles to allow for swing changes (2 is standard, increase to desensitise)

Version 10.601 (2021.03.14)

Optimised Moving Average Signal. 
Fixed bug preventing potential profit or loss on pre-entry stops. 

Version 10.600 (2021.03.11)

Overhauled Oscillators Strategies 
Improved the ADX Strategy Considerably 
Removed dis-functional settings.

Version 10.529 (2021.03.03)

Licensing Bug fix…

Version 10.528 (2021.03.01)

Added Ability to Activate this Product on Live Account with a licence file.

Version 10.527 (2021.02.17)

1. Added Setting to Allow only certain positions: Both, Long Only, Short Only, and Long Term Trend Direction Only (Default Both) 
2. Added Setting to offset Stops by a percentage (Stop Adjust – default 100%) 
3. Moved Trade Limit Settings below trade settings. 
4. Fixed Bug which enforced a stop when no stop was selected. 
5. Fixed Bug which prevented the drawing of the long term directional arrow.

Version 10.526 (2021.01.31)

1. Improved Stop Strategies for Parabolic Sar and Bluto Parabolic Sar. 

2. Added feature for Servers that don’t support partial order filling mode, to auto switch to complete order filling mode should this error arise. 

3. Adjusted RSI and Stochastic Signals to reflect their true figure rather than percentage of historical range. 

4. Miscellaneous bugs fixes preventing divide by 0 errors. 

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Version 10.525 (2021.01.27)

Fixed bug when 100% Bias threshold is set that prevented trades when 100% was signal percentage reached. 

Added Notification to indicate when features not available in this version.

Version 10.524 (2021.01.22)

Re-organised and renamed settings / inputs more intuitively. 
Added ability to bias 3 aspects of the oscillators (Convergence / Divergence, Direction, and over bought/sold zones) 
Assigned different default colour for indicator onscreen signal arrows. 
Added Symbol Name to Continue in Mode Alert, so that the alert can be recognised for which symbol or asset it refers. 

Bug Fixes 
Fixed bug where Indicator Arrows were not being drawn on chart. 
Improved tooltip display when hovering over Text in News Panel. 

Version 10.523 (2021.01.19)

New Features 
1. Pip Value override in settings for servers that may not be configured accurately (see Pip Decimal Point under trade settings) 
2. Day now displayed on signal panel so when testing one can see what day Traders Toolbox is running 
3. Added Display “i” next to all inverted signals on signal panel. 
4. Added Inverted notification next on Signal Panel Header to Indicate when overall signal is Inverted 
5. Double clicking the onscreen Fib will now flip the direction of the Fib… (don’t forget to return it to normal if auto trading) 

Bug Fixes 
Fixed bug preventing Overall signal from being inverted. 
narrowed the minimal stops distance.

Version 10.522 (2021.01.09)


Feature added to auto manage the trailing stops on multiple open positions simultaneously even when opened with different stop types. 

Stop Type And Pip distance of initial / entry position is stored in position comments for retrieval in above feature. 

Version 10.521 (2020.12.30)

Settings Screen 

Improved descriptions for settings so they can be more self explanatory. 

Stop Strategies 
Improved Stop Validation algorithm and enforced minimum stop override (as per stop settings)Version 10.52 2020.12.22Bug Fix for money management which occurred when there is no max volume limit with broker.Version 10.51 2020.12.19Enhancements 

Added New Trailing Stop options and improved trailing algorithms 

Also fixed Stop Management bugs